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Multi-Currency MoneyPolo Visa Card

What is the MoneyPolo Card?

The MoneyPolo prepaid Visa card works like a debit or card with no arranged overdraft facility or credit line available. Move money to and from your card at your convenience.

Use your card balance in any of the 15 Currencies available: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD, CAD, NOK, DKK, SEK, SGD, HKD, ZAR, NZD, AED.

Prepaid card with chip security. Valid for 3 years.

If you don’t have a bank account (or credit card), a prepaid card could be a great way to manage your day to day finances.

  • Benefits
    • No Credit Checks – Open to everyone
    • No interest or unexpected bank fees to pay
    • Use your card in any of the 15 currencies worldwide
    • Many uses – shop in store, online, by phone or withdraw cash
    • It’s Secure and has no link to your bank account
    • Discreet payments – only you know
  • You can
    • Have your wages or salary paid directly onto your card
    • Have any benefits paid directly onto your card
    • Top up your card with Cash and Cheques
    • Have up to €30000 ballance (depends on the level of verification)
    • It’s also a safe way to pay for just about anything. Transactions and cash withdrawals are protected by Chip and PIN
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MoneyPolo Visa Card

15 currencies worldwide!

If you don’t want to go over your budget or limit your spending

Wish to support your children at university

Don’t want to use your credit card for internet purchases

If you travel and want to carry several currencies securely without having to keep cash in your wallet

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Simple like 1 2 3!

Once you have decided which currency you want stored on your card. (GBP USD or EURO)

  • ORDER your card for only £10, €12 or $13

    You will normally receive your personalised card within 7 days on standard postage within the UK and Europe (international postage may take longer). We also offer priority 2 day service via DHL or FedEX for an additional charge from £35.00.

  • ACTIVATE your new card

    Click on the activate button at the top of this page or send a text from your mobile phone details on the mailer that your new card was attached to.

  • Just TOP-UP and GO!

    MoneyPolo Prepaid Visa Cards work just like a “pay-as-you-go” mobile phone.You can top-up your card using one of the following methods:

    • Transfer money from a bank account
    • Online, using a debit card

Learn more about how to use your card and maintain it online.