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How can I get my account verified?

There are a few types of verification depending on how active you use your MoneyPolo Card, you can do this after registration.

We have detailed instructions “Registration with MoneyPolo – How verification Works” on Moneypolo blog

Frequently asked questions on verification process you can find in our FAQ section.

Levels of verification

    • Primary 1+1
    Required account if you are loading your account for the first time or ordering a new card.
    • Primary 2+2
    Recommended, no restrictions! Is required when the turnover on your card account is greater than 10.000 Euro or it's equivalent in other currencies.

Examples of the documents you can provide us with:

  • Accepted ID documents
  • Current signed passport / National ID
  • Residence permit, if not proof of residence
  • Driving licence
  • Accepted proof of address documents
  • Bank, Building Society or Credit Union - Statement letter that is NOT electronically issued
  • Utility Bill
  • Mortgage statement
  • Tenancy agreemeent
  • Tax assesement
  • Condo administration letter
  • A letter from local municipality or register
  • Residence permit, if not used as ID proof

Requirements for verification documents:

  • The proof of address should be at the applicant's name (we cannot accept documents with any other name than your own).
    *As an exception we can accept documents with the family name on it (subject to the management decision).
  • The proof of address should bear the same address you provided during the registration. The proof of address should be complete and contain the postal code.
  • The proof of address should be not older than 90 days.
  • We cannot accept electronic/online downloaded documents, i.e. online banking statement, etc., and mobile bills.
  • PO BOX address in a proof of address is not an acceptable form of a delivery address for the MayzusFS and MoneyPolo cards.

Please note! A proof of ID needs to:

Proof needed
  • Be valid for another 6 months.
  • Be written with latin letters.
  • Include your photograph, date of birth, a serial number, and issue/expiration dates.
  • Be in colour, black and white documents are not accepted.
  • All edges must be visible.
  • No editing.
  • ID issued in languages other than European, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, have to be translated by the certified translator.
  • Copies with signs of editing, poor copies, copies with the cut edges.
Once you have your required documents, please Log In to your MoneyPolo Account and click on your verification status in the 'Account information' area to upload the documents, as pictured below: step 1 step 2